Wednesday, 11 January 2012

KONAD red and white stamping

When I was doing my nails the other night I ended up with just about a different design on each hand because I had hit a nail art block. I had no ideas, and every design I did just didn't seem right. So I pulled out my old KONAD stamping set and after a few tries came up with a style that would work.


Yes those are my fuzzy pink pyjamas in the background, along with my pink kindle case :)

I also tried this with a black base and while it looked great it was a bit too harsh. As you might be able to see on my thumb the design isn't connected all the way down. That's because it didn't fit across my nail so I stamped just the end part of the design as close as I could to the bottom.

I did this design Saturday night and it's already starting to chip so I may have a new post up soon :)



  1. These nails are really good! might have to try them out

  2. Red and white is the best combination. Plus the floral design is looking dazzling. Loved it :)

  3. Nice post liked it very much ........really beautiful post keep posting.